The Pursuit of Pathological Coherence



SCI-Arc | instructors: Marcelo Spina, Casey Rehm
The Pursuit of Pathological Coherence




This project aims at examining formal contamination processes in architecture; by looking at a discrete series create a visually inexact complex and corrupted system wherein various instances of the same entity’s are also perceived differently.




The final object is a merged composition of the form’s corruption evolution. The process starts with a primitive design element’s choreography (involving animation snapshots and 3D scanning) and ends with the internalized perception of an ambiguous, corrupted formal investigation that synthesize its interior.




The final technique is involving the carving of the resulted mesh of the interior and the assembling them in a chunk-pilling logic that itself forms slabs, columns and envelops of subdivided spaces of the building.




Programmatically and given the remote location and subliminal connotations of the site, the project functions as a temple, a sanctuary for autonomous music festivals and alternative art events, wherein the spiritual idiosyncrasy and bonds of both the architecture and social gatherings become one and the same. 

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