Lighthouse Hotel 


Syracuse | Italy | Architect | GSARC


The conceptual inspiration 


Taking for granted the lighthouse is a direct metaphor of the welcoming of the arriving traveler I arranged the buildings around the lighthouse in order to balance the overall volumetric synthesis and at the same achieve the maximum direct interaction between the lighthouse and the guests.


the intention was to create an autonomous form with strategic selection of fragmented spots with references to medieval aesthetics. The light, the fortress, the ambiguous labyrinth are insinuating a indirect allegory of the malleability of the political situation and the discomfort around Europe caused by the awesome refugee crisis. The main source of fragmentation is an abstract “dark star housing the exhibition space that is between the lobby, the restaurant, the ballroom and the back of house.


Rooms analysis


The rooms celebrate the interaction of water and views serving a double aim. The medieval,  fortress-like structure forms a protected court-yard whereas at the same time it suggests a hedonistic democratization of luxury that promotes an inward extraversion facing the plaza, which is the socialization spot, while the outward view from the rooms ensures privacy and encourages an esoteric, meditational mood, gazing the infinite. 




The concrete and stone match the environment’s color palette in an adaptive but at the same time suggestive way. The concrete path towards the edge of the cliff leads to the stairs that form an inverted inviting entrance which sums up the idiosyncrasy of the design approach. 


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